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The staff here at HB love Common, so we were super excited when we came across this groupie tale of her night with rapper and actor Common.

Read the juicy details below:

A few years back I took a long needed trip to Chicago to visit my parents. It was a random fall afternoon when me and a few friends decided to eat at a little French style Bristol. The restaurant was so crowded that we were forced to wait almost an hour for the next available table. Bored out of my mind I stepped outside to call a friend and catch the cool breeze. Some how or another I started a conversation with an older articulate light skinned woman with the cutest freckles. We talked about the beautiful weather and the long wait. I told her about my college years and she told me that she was professor. She told me that she was a little upset because her son was always fashionably late. Trying to keep our spirits up I asked her what her she did for a living, she told me that he was a musician. I turned by back a few minutes to an answer a phone call and when I turned around it was Common giving his mother a big ole kiss on the cheek. She introduced me to her son, and when we shook hands I knew “IT WAS ON.”

I ate dinner like nothing ever happened and I decided not to tell any of my friends because they probably wouldn’t believe me anyways. For some reason Rashid and his mother (he looks just like his mother) decided to leave the bistro early, and while he walked towards the door his eyes seem to be scanning for someone, and that was I. He handed the waiter by the door a small sheet of paper and pointed at my table, and I swear I was about to drop dead. The waiter handed me the torn sheet of paper, and my heart skipped a few beats when I realized it was his number! My friends swooned when they realized that I had caught the eye of some random guy, but they had no idea it was Common. I tucked the number deep in my purse, not wanting to lose it. The entire night seem to move by so slow when I realized “I WANTED TO HAVE SEX WITH HIM ASAP” I ended the night early and dialed that number with a quickness.To my surprise it went straight to voice-mail three times! I couldn’t believe I missed out on sleeping with him. I left my best sultry voice on his voice mail and crossed my fingers for out of this world luck. Two days later I had missed a call on my cell phone, and it was him!!!!!!!!!!! I called back ASAP, and again it went straight to voice-mail. I left another message praying he would respond soon. A few more days went by and I gave up all hope and erased him from my mind and phone. Feeling defeated on my quest to freak Common I watched some chick flicks to cheer myself up. That same night I got a phone call and yes it was him. We talked for about 4 hrs on the phone. He was a very private person and kept our conversation on other things. We spoke about everything (he is very smart), and his intelligence turned me on BIG TIME!!! He apologized for keeping me up so late and asked if we could meet later on that day. I didn’t respond immediately, I didn’t want him to know I was so willing (he knew I wanted it) I responded with a solid YES!

Groupies talks sex with Young Jeezy

We met at the park and took a long walk. Rashid likes to talk allot! He seems to have all these great theories and ideas. He’s also highly driven and very down to earth. He invited me back to his room, and I swear the earth stopped moving for like a couple seconds. I told him I would rather have him come over my house. He seemed kinda shocked and amused that I wanted to take control of the situation. I gave him crazy head while he drove my car to my parent’s home. Thank god for GPS systems! lol!

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