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Is it just me or is waxing extremely painful? I’ll be honest with you, I tried it and loved the results. I’m not a fan of hair down there and waxing provides a smooth hairless finished unmatched by your best razor on a good day. But so does hair removal cream.

I pushed aside my usual Nair cream and gave this new stuff a try. joy + glee expanded their beauty line from razors and shaving mousse to include wax strips and hair removal cream. What I loved about glee’s hair removal cream is the round tip applicator, which removes having to put the cream on your fingers. Which means I don’t have to scrub to get the scent out from under my nails. The applicator allows you to apply the cream more directly and efficiently. Speaking of scents, the glee hair removal cream still sticks, but has a softer scent. It has a refreshing honey melon scent. The box also comes with finishing cream that contains aloe vera and vitamin e.

I personally started using hair removal cream in replace of my razor because I wanted to see if laying off the razor would alleviate some razor bumps. I had to be consistent, but it eventually did help.

So what’s not to like? This might be a positive, but if you have stubborn hair like me, you need the stronger stuff. And glee’s hair removal cream is mild. I tried it under my neck on two separate occasions after the first time didn’t leave me baby bottom smooth like I like it. I left it on a little longer on my second-go-round (around 5 minutes) and was satisfied. I didn’t feel like my skin was dried out and the finishing cream provided extra soothing moisture.

I know what you’re thinking, a depilatory just sounds like a chemistry project and something you shouldn’t put on your skin. I wouldn’t try this product if you have super sensitive skin, because duh. And if you’re not sure about it, try the skin test (directions on the back of the box).

Purchase the removal hair cream kit at Walmart for ($8.97)


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