UPDATE: Rihanna’s neighbors are speaking up on her behalf.  After getting sued by one of her neighbors, who hates the constant presence of chauffeurs idling and using his driveway and the obstruction of tall bamboo plants that block his view of the city at her rented Hollywood Hills home, Rihanna can count on the support from others who live on her street.

“She is a good neighbor,” one neighbor, who lives a stone’s throw away from the singer, told In fact, the Barbadian beauty “is hardly ever” at the house.

Another neighbor compared RiRi to a breath of fresh air. The neighbor stated: “Several years ago it had squatters living there and it became a real party house with people coming from all over Los Angeles.”

There have been a few parties there in the past month but nothing really so bad that people would file a lawsuit.

It’s good to know you can count on some of your neighbors!!!

Rihanna to face Chris in court on Monday.

Rihanna is being sued by a neighbor for allowing her house guests to trespass on his property.

The singer rents a house next to a UCLA design and media art scholar, who’s name is Christian Moeller. Moeller has filed a suit against the R&B singer claiming her pals regularly dump their cars on his lawn, and plants on her property blocks his city view and what he claims to be an illegal wall built between the two properties. says that Moeller is claiming that ever since Rihanna moved in she’s been allowing cars to drive on his lawn to get to her driveway… and the suit claims sometimes the cars just sit there on the lawn.

Moeller is asking for damages in light of the inconvenience, the removal of the intrusive shrubs, destruction of the wall and attorneys fees.

We think this guy is looking for a payday!!!

Check out RiRi getting primal in NYC:

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