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Serena Williams decided to give us a dose of her beauty regimen with her pint-size assistant giving the most adorable commentary. Prepare your ovaries because this cuteness overload is enough to give you baby fever!

Via her Insta stories, Serena and her daughter Olympia Ohanian go over her nighttime beauty routine. The Video starts with Serena explaining her regimen. “So, usually I do my night routine, I never do my day routine, my morning routine, so I wanted to show you my morning routine,” she says. Almost instantly, Olympia chimes in to mock her mother as she speaks, while playing with beauty sponges.

Olympia eventually graduates from playing with sponges to spraying a small bottle. In an exasperated sigh, Serena utters her daughter’s name and quickly moves on with her regimen. Looks like she better watch out because Olympia completely hijacked that tutorial! From imitating her mother’s hand gestures to trying to repeat everything she says, I’m having serious baby fever.

Hopefully this becomes a mother-daughter beauty series. I’d love to see more of Olympia and her growing personality. She’s already shown a slight interest in tennis, who’s to say she won’t take a liking to makeup as well.


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