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Cat eye makeup is popular for good reason. It’s chic, flattering and gives your eyes a nice pop. It also works to enhance your eye shape. While some people consider the cat eye a look for a special occasion, this makeup look can easily complement your day to night looks with ease.

So, with all of this talk of a cat eye, you’re probably wondering what’s the best way to create the perfect winged look. After all, for some, applying makeup comes natural and with others, you may need a little more practice to get it right. And if you find yourself on either side of the fence, these following tips will come right in handy.

Now, grab your favorite eyeliner and get ready to learn these five easy tips for a chic cat eye.

1. Liquid eyeliner is your best friend.

Liquid eyeliner comes into major clutch to create a cat eye. Typically the wand of the eyeliner comes with a felt tip that makes it ease to create precise lines for a MUA-approved cat eye. I love the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner ($20.00, Sephora.com).

2. Slow and steady.

While you may see other makeup gurus create a perfect cat eye in no time, that doesn’t mean you should rush the process. Precise line take time to create and if you’re a beginner, it’s best to takes things slow.

3. Use tape.

One of the best kept secrets for creating intricate eye makeup looks is tape. It allows for you to create precise lines and apply product to specific areas for an intricate look. All you need is about an inch of tape on the corner of your eyes to create a simple cat eye.

4. Concealer should always be handy.

Even the pros make mistakes when it comes to creating a cat eye. The lovely thing is that concealer can 99 percent of the time fix your mistakes without having to start over fresh. If you find that your cat eye is not as sharp as you’d like, use an angled brush to define your lines.

5. Always apply your eyeliner in short strokes.

Applying in short strokes assures that your eyeliner will be more precise without any mistakes. So instead of creating long lines, keep things short and simple.


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