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Fall is quickly approaching, which means #HotGirlSummer is coming to an end. And while those of us with weak knees and a penchant for sweater weather rejoice, others are reluctant to put away summery things…especially when it comes to their beauty routine. And to that we say? There are no rules, sis! Take bronzer for example. Glowing, bronze skin is synonymous with summer–it’s like, a fact–yet we tapped pro makeup artists, Amber Amos and Tara Lauren, to make a strong case for getting your glow on well into fall.

Before we get to the products, here’s a quick lesson from our experts on how to narrow down your bronzer search plus quick application tips:

How to pick a fall bronzer? Tara suggests looking for bronzer to mimic the look of sun-rich skin; steer clear of formulas that are too red or muddy. Natural brown hues with rich warmth are the way to go. Amber wants you to ask yourself what you want the bronzer to accomplish. Do you want to highlight, warm up your skin, or both? Answer that question, then glow from there.

How do I apply fall bronzer? According to Tara, the brush is important. Go with a dense, fluffy brush or an angled brush. Both Tara and Amber instruct us to apply bronzer in a “3” motion from forehead to cheek to underneath the chin. Major key? BLEND. This makes it look natural like it’s coming from your skin and not placed on top.

Now that you’ve got the basics down, keep reading to discover 5 makeup-artist approved bronzers to warm up fall.

1) Sun Stalk’r Instant Warmth Bronzer, FENTY BEAUTY by Rhianna – $30

Rhianna must be doing something right (file this under: the understatement of the year) because her debut matte bronzers made the lists of both our beauty experts. According to Amber, these bronzers add warmth and glow to your skin, and have [a diverse range of] shades to make us all glow. Tara is impressed with the amazing pigment payoff. She thinks it, of course, pairs well with foundation, but also looks great when applied after skincare–it’s a natural pick-me-up!

2) Flex Foundation Stick, Milk Makeup – $36

 Amber urges us to use this creamy, easily blendable foundation as a bronzer. We stan a multi-use product! Choose a color 2-3 shades deeper than your skin tone for a precision sculpt while also adding warmth and depth to the face.

3) Full Spectrum Sculpt Expert Bronzer, COVERGIRL – $9.49

This bronzer has a new name, but it’s been Tara’s go-to for a long time (she has the receipts!). Warm with a subtle glow, she says it’s the perfect every-day addition to any look.



4.)Skin Glass™️, Noorface – $3

Amber loves this face oil’s beautiful golden tone; it highlights while still adding a hint of warmth. If you prefer a fresh beachy glow, then this face oil is how you can fake it for fall. Act fast because this product sells out quickly, but is so worth it if you can get your hands on it!

 5) Fresh Glow Bronzer, The Lip Bar – $20

In case you missed the memo, The Lip Bar has added bronzers to the mix. Tara tried one of the 2-in-1 bronzer/illuminating blush duos and can’t wait to try the rest. She loves that it’s made from natural ingredients and lasts all day.

 What’s your favorite bronzer? Do you wear bronzer in the fall? Tell us in the comments below!


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