Want to update your living room this spring? Decorating doesn’t have to cost a fortune, as a matter of fact, you don’t need to spend a dime. Here are some decorating solutions to give your crib a whole new look:

Curtain Call

Fake a high ceiling with strategically placed window treatments. Make a room seem taller by installing the curtain rod above the window frame. Curtains should graze the bottom of the window sill or the floor.

Organize your entertainment unit

Pile On the Pillows

Nothing is cozier than a pile of pillows. Gather pillows from around the room or house and arrange them on one sofa to add comfort and color. Choose pillows that have different patterns in complementary colors for a perfectly mismatched look.

Mirror, Mirror

Skip the drama of a hammer and nails and prop framed mirrors against a wall. A large mirror serves many functions in a room. With a beautiful frame it becomes impactful art. When angled against the wall, it tricks the mind into thinking the ceiling line is even higher than it is. When it reflects light, it brightens the space and provides the illusion of an extra window.

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