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Popular Youtube Vlogger Biannca Prince is being dragged for filth after insinuating her baby’s brown eyes aren’t pretty. Moments after giving birth to a healthy baby girl, Biannca looked at her daughter and said, ‘I thought you were going to have pretty eyes.” Her husband quickly retorted, “She does have pretty eyes.”

Record scratch.

A clip from the video has since made its way around social media, catapulting it to viral status and prompting the couple to respond to all the backlash. Apparently Biannca and her husband Damien can’t believe she is being called out for being a “colorist” and stepped on their digital soap box to explain the “eye” comments.

Too bad the explanation is absolutely worse.

“When I said I wish she had ‘pretty eyes,’ I didn’t mean she doesn’t have pretty eyes,” she said trying to explain. “When I said pretty eyes, I meant the term ‘green eyes.'”

At one point, she asks her husband if anyone ever complimented his brown eyes? To which he responded, “No.” And she replied, “exactly.” Then went into a story about her sisters, who have brown eyes, never received compliments about their eyes, but strangers always told her mother how beautiful her eyes were.

Seems like Biannca clearly missed the point, let’s clarify. This isn’t about preference, as she suggested on the video. Biannca can’t see how she put a higher value on colored eyes for the simple fact that they’re not brown. Because brown eyes aren’t seen as beautiful as blue, hazel, green or even light brown eyes. Colorism has shown us that the lighter your skin or eyes, the closer to White and the better. Period.

What say you readers, what’s your reaction to Biannca’s reaction?


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