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As much as we love a good runway show or red carpet, subcultures are what make fashion interesting. And while you may not have thought about B-girls or B-boys since the ’80s and ’90s, breakdancing is still very much a scene in many major cities across the U.S. — and internationally — and so is the style that goes along with it.

This past weekend we were invited to Houston for the finale of Red Bull’s BC One All Star Tour, and as much as we were entranced with the popping, locking, and breaking on the dance floor, we were equally enamored with the B-girl style we witnessed on the ladies as they battled one another in cyphers and the main competitions.

H-town was the last stop on the Red Bull BC All Star One Tour, which kicked off in Los Angeles on April 25th and ended May 19 in Texas. This is the first year in the tour’s history that a National B-Girl Final was held, and on Saturday night B-Girl Macca of Atlanta (by way of Philly and Germany) was crowned the winner. Macca will go on to compete in the World Finals in Mumbai, India, on November 9, but while we wait to see her moves on the next leg of the competition, let’s get into the fashion that was on display this past weekend from some of our favorite dancers, hosts, and performers.

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