Dear Miami, thank you for the beautiful vacations over the years. Thank you for the pristine waters, sunny blue skies, positive vibes, mix of culture and history lessons. – Michelle and Nikki, BFFS

Oh Miami, we cherish you. A wonderful place for singles, couples, and families, Miami is the perfect destination to experience multicultural living at its finest. Around every corner there is something new to discover – a bustling nightlife, historic museums, top-rated restaurants, vintage hotels, diverse crowds, and the most amazing neighborhoods. This summer stay close and make your next adventure a memorable one. This summer visit Miami, Florida.

To jumpstart your itinerary, here are 8 Wonderful Places to Visit When in Miami

Little Haiti

Dive head first into the culture and energy of Little Haiti, a dynamic neighborhood historically aligned with Haitian immigrants. To reach its core, be sure to visit Little Haiti’s active marketplace where authentic Caribbean items can be purchased. With art galleries and authentic Haitian and Caribbean restaurants lining the streets, you won’t run out of any cultural activities to participate in during your stay. The area is colorful and rich in history, and a wonderful stop for those who want to be immersed in a true Caribbean experience.

Historic Overtown

A multicultural melting pot, Historic Overtown is a great destination for those looking to explore one of the oldest neighborhoods in Miami. A popular area for shopping and entertainment, Historic Overtown is also recognized for its historic churches, museums, murals, theaters, bed and breakfasts, and of course authentic restaurants. For those looking to explore a space with strong historical ties to the Black community, Historic Overtown will provide all that you are looking for.

Little Havana

Welcome to the world of beautiful Cuba, right in Miami, Florida. Named after the capital and largest city in Cuba, Little Havana is an experience within itself. With so much social activity happening there every day, Little Havana is a popular destination for those who love and want to enjoy the cultural experiences of those from Cuba, Central America, and South America! When in Little Havana expect to eat delicious authentic cuisines, see festivals, shop, and discover unique crafts from local sellers.

Coconut Grove

With roots tracing back to the Bahamas, the history of Coconut Grove in Miami is a beautiful one. Boasting a mix of outdoor festivals which include the annual Coconut Grove Arts Festival, The Coconut Grove Food & Wine Festival, as well as the Caribbean Carnival, if you go during the right time of year, you and your girlfriends will be in for a ton of fun! With the University of Miami within reach, and worldwide tourists swinging through, you can expect a diverse crowd, a mix of restaurants, clubs, and local shops.


Wynwood is the hub for stunning graffiti, large murals, and eclectic artwork. A real treasure, this urban art landscape is also recognized for its world-renown street-artists, funky art galleries, breweries with a lofty warehouse feel, and edgy clothing boutiques. When you visit Wynwood be sure to take pictures of the scene, eat at local restaurants, and visit their dance venues.

South Beach / Ocean Drive

Vacationers love water. You will get to see a lot of it in Miami. When you arrive be sure to spend at least one day at South Beach. Lay out, read a book, and chat with your girlfriends about hot topics of the day – like the sun that shines over Miami. When you are done, dry off and head for a walk down Ocean Drive. Check out the mix of fashion boutiques, little shops, and cafes. Be sure to snap a host of selfies and post up to all your social – #FoundInMiami.

Perez Art Museum Miami

Got an art lover in your crew? While vacationing in Miami take a stroll over to the Perez Art Museum which is dedicated to those who love modern and contemporary art. A home for international artwork of the 20th and 21st centuries, this Downtown, Miami jewel is worth the tour, so take notes. Exhibitions change often. Be sure to visit their site and check on upcoming events and more.

Miami Design District

Chic cafes, luxury fashion and jewelry boutiques, art galleries and more line the streets of the Miami Design District. For those who love a more sleek and chic Miami experience, be sure to swing by this scene. With restaurants, some owned by your favorite chefs and architecture that will blow you away, you’ll have to block out a day to enjoy all that Miami Design District offers.

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