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The Real Housewives of Atlanta crew is still in Tokyo. NeNe got all pissed with Tanya for thinking she was being negative. Tanya came to tears because she was confused about why NeNe was being hostile toward her. Basically, NeNe is going through her own stuff with Gregg and taking it out on everyone. Over it dot come. Since things don’t seem to be getting any less frustrating at lunch, NeNe decides to leave the group, which is probably for the best.

Once lunch is over, they all pile onto their bus to head back to the hotel and that’s when Marlo and Eva get into it. It all starts when Marlo tries it. Basically, Eva explains how they should dress for their night out on the town and tells them not to wear wedge sneakers, which is silly but whatevs. That triggers Marlo and she starts attempting to go in on Eva for wearing flats. But anyone who has ever seen Eva on America’s Next Top Model knows that Eva has plenty of time. So, she starts going in on Marlo. It gets so bad that Marlo has no comebacks left other than, “Respect your elders.” We all saw the fallout from that comment in the preview commercial where Eva replies with, “I got two babies and a husband,” and then Marlo retorts with, “Two babies by two different men.” That doesn’t slow Eva down from roasting though. This entire situation is basic af. But we’re here for it. Let’s not front.

Back at the hotel, Eva gets bad news about her grandfather. They’re going to remove his breathing tube so he’s going to pass away shortly after that. Tanya and surprisingly, Marlo, are the first to come to comfort her. Eventually, the other women come to check on her too. They give her space to cry and grieve, but Eva decides to stay in Tokyo and continue her trip. It’s what her grandfather would have wanted. It’s nice to see them not tearing each other to shreds for once, even Marlo’s evil self.

Let’s fast forward a bit. NeNe is still acting all aggy because Gregg has been ignoring her, so obviously she’s not really trying to hear it when Tanya pulls her aside, again, to talk about her comment about her relationship. NeNe tells Tanya that she took it wrong. Tanya keeps pushing and repeats that NeNe was speaking negativity. NeNe finally apologizes, in a snippy way, but repeats that she didn’t mean it negatively and Tanya keeps talking in circles again about Nene speaking negatively and we’re all like:

Let it go, girl.

But they eventually seem to get over it and plan to finish turning up Tokyo-style.

However, we know this group so we know peace probably won’t last long. Let’s meet back here next week to discuss.


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