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Last weekend Juelz Santana proposed to his girlfriend of many more years than a decade and the pair and several of their fans and supporters considered the act one of the sweetest things ever. Nevermind all of the cheating, drugs, and disrespect the future Mrs. herself admitted the Dipset rapper put her through, in the end of all her pain and suffering she still got a ring and, for many, that’s all that matters.

The praise the couple has received is not unlike the way we worship “love like our grandparents had” without any regard for the fact that it likely wasn’t just love and long-suffering that made many of our parents, their parents, and their parents before them stick it out through thick and a whole lot of thin.

In this episode of Listen to Black Women we’re discussing the idolization of dysfunctional long-term relationships and why the success of a marriage is determined by far more than just the number of years a couple has been wed.

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