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The American family ideal is still very much a married man and woman raising biological children of their own. The reality, however, is far more complicated. According to 2017 data, “40% of the married couples with children in the US are forming blended families right now,” which means nearly half of all kids are as familiar with the terms step-mom and step-dad as they are mother and father. And while plenty of anecdotal evidence speaks to the challenges of blending a family together, does raising children in a blended family or being raised in a blended family automatically equate to struggle?

In this episode of Listen to Black Women, we discuss the spectrum of experiences of being in a blended family, who bears the burden of forming the parents and children into a cohesive unit, and what happens when all parties involved aren’t on the same page. Watch the episode in the video above and weigh in in the comments section below.

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