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Imagine taking a break from your hectic job to go on a beautiful cross country trip to unwind only to witness your Airbnb host jump out of his own window.

This horrific event is exactly what happened to a Black couple who took a holiday in Southern California.

According to the Boston GlobeJaleesa Jackson and Chiedozie Uwandu, both medical residents at hospitals in Boston, decided that they needed a break from their insanely stressful schedules, which consisted of 14-hour shifts, 5-6 days a week. So the couple flew out to Southern California to unwind, enjoy the sun and fun, and most importantly, live their best lives.

They ended up renting an Airbnb, an upscale guesthouse in Los Angeles. The couple told the newspaper that at first, everything seemed fine, especially given that the host, J.J, had high ratings on the app and left a chilled bottle of wine for them.

But soon after, everything turned straight to hell.

The Globe reported that at 5:30 the next morning, Jackson awoke to loud banging at the door, hearing a male voice shout, “I know you’re in there, Kevin!”

Jackson slightly opened the door to see an “agitated man in full rant.” She told him to go away and slammed the door. She then called the host to ask for help.

To her surprise, the host admitted that it was him. Telling her, “Sorry about the confusion. Life’s too short for me to give you an explanation. Have a nice time in LA.”

He then hung up.


Thinking this behavior was some “West coast” thing, the couple tried to move past it, until the next morning. At around 2am, a man came crashing through a large window in their bedroom, “sending shards of glass everywhere and leaving him sprawled on the floor, face down.”

“I had no idea what was happening,” Uwandu told the Globe. “But I reacted like we were under attack.”

When he recognized who the man on the ground was, he couldn’t believe it. It was that DAMN J.J.!!!

Even worse?

When they called the police, they soon found out that J.J wasn’t the owner of the house, but someone who was renting the guesthouse from its true owner, an elderly woman.

The couple quickly called Airbnb, who offered to relocate them to another home for free and refund them the $708, but they weren’t having it.

Instead, they checked into a local hotel spending a whopping $2,300 on their room, parking and other related expenses. Soon after, they called Airbnb again and asked them for $5,000 to compensate them for the trauma they experienced. However, the company met them halfway and only offered them $2,500.

In addition, they offered five free therapy sessions to deal with what happened. Again, the couple declined.

While a rep from Airbnb wouldn’t comment directly about what happened to Jackson and Uwandu, they did stress to the Globe that “safety is our top priority” and “negative incidents are extremely rare.”


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