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Sunday night’s episode of Insecure raised a lot of questions about male and female relationships, especially after sex has come into play. We watched Issa and Daniel‘s friendship flourish then crash and burn in the matter of 30 minutes. While their complicated situationship was the overarching issue of the episode, Issa represented for the everyday Black woman when she wore her hair scarf during sex and Twitter noticed.

The conversation surrounding Black women’s hair is a never-ending one infiltrated by other races and Hoteps. Hair scarves are essential to Black women for several reasons. Silk/satin scarves are protective and preserve our hair style, which is why Issa had one on in the first place. As in real life, sex isn’t always planned and things went from platonic to sexual very fast. But Issa never reached for her scarf.

While there’s a legion of men against women wearing scarves, there are some Black men who embrace it.

When Black women watch Insecure, we see ourselves and all our nuances. Issa’s character and the obstacles she faces as a young Black woman navigating the world is an accurate depiction missing on television. Her friendships, career and relationships portray Black women as dynamic individuals. And when she went to bed with her hair tied up only to have Daniel initiate sex, we all felt understood. And Daniel, despite differing options from men who think women shouldn’t wear scarves to be bed period, didn’t flinch.

Issa’s bold choice to leave her scarf on during sex may not seem like a big deal, but it’s the details of a Black woman’s existence captured on a show dedicated to depicting us in all our light. Insecure continues to do us justice and tell our stories with care. Take out poll and let us know how you feel about wearing a scarf during sex.


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