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Black women are loyal to a fault. We endure all things, conceal our pain and at the end of it, are shaded. It’s the reason (some) Black women get angry when they see a Black man with a White woman. It’s why Nicki Minaj is currently engulfed in a Twitter beef with her ex-boyfriend Safaree.

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The fog surrounding Nicki and Safaree’s failed relationship is thick with mystery. Shortly after their breakup, Safaree revealed intimate details about he and Nicki that portrayed the Chun-Li as abusive, dismissive and cold. Nicki, on a press run for her new album Queen, opened up to Funkmaster Flex about her relationships with Safaree and Meek Mill, spilling candid details never-before heard.

Minaj moved to Atlanta in the nascent stage of her career. She packed her car with her belongings and $1,000 in her bank account. With more determination than funds, she set out to pursue her rap career. According to Nicki, Safaree, who was her rap group’s hype man at the time, asked to go with her. After one day of working, Nicki claims Safaree quit and refused to hustle so she took it upon herself to pay their rent. “I’ll book some shows,” she told him and carried the weight of their move on her shoulders as Black women often do.

I was 22 when I moved out my mother’s house under the premise I would be going 50/50 with my ex-boyfriend. He didn’t have a job, but I was optimistic he would find one and until then determined to “hold it down.” Finding a job took more than 10 years, but the destruction it caused on my body and mental couldn’t be tagged with a price gun. Like Nicki, I sacrificed myself for the greater good of a man who betrayed me with his behavior and disloyalty.

Nicki is like me and many women, who’ve broken their backs to sustain a relationship and find themselves still, somehow, defending, with silence, the man who hurt them long after their relationship has ended. I too am guilty. What seemed to penetrate Nicki’s tough skin, though, was Safaree’s attempt to slander her craft. And like a simple-minded man, Funk Flex defended Safaree’s actions. Because, bro code. “Me, if I was dating you and no longer allowed to date you and you were dating someone else. I can understand where the hurt came from. You know how he looked out here when that was going on?”

“It don’t give you a right to lie about someone’s craft just because you know they’re a woman and people would believe you.”

Nicki claims Safaree used her money to pay prostitutes and was cheating on her, yet still, she didn’t spill the dirty details on their relationship even when Safaree was doing his early press rounds.

During her hour long conversation with Funkmaster Flex, Nicki also revealed details about her public relationship with Meek Mill, alluding that she suffered some sort of emotional abuse.

“Do you think there’s anything you could have done better? Sometimes the man does take the brunt of the relationship?” Flex asked. Nicki quickly corrected him “He should.” “You’re saying that because you’re a man, she continued.

“I had no words for him. It’s taken me a lot to get to this place,” she explained. “Since he came home, he’s apologized to me and tried to be the bigger person.

As problematic as Nicki’s brand of feminism may be, at times, to some she is stern in her beliefs about how women should be respected and treated.

“This goes for every successful beautiful woman, if you don’t have a secure man, run. You’re in trouble. He needs to be secure in the house and out the house. He needs to know I got a good woman by my side, I don’t care how many men want her. I know she gonna hold me down. And he shouldn’t have to belittle you to make you feel lower so that you can have a low self-esteem so that he can feel better about himself.” And when Flex tried to assert that because she is the biggest female rapper, it is tough for a man to function in a relationship. “Lets hold men accountable for their actions. Let’s not give men excuses.”

Because Nicki has been so private about her love life even when her exes have personally bashed her, it leaves much to the imagination and plenty room to form one’s own opinion. Something Nicki talked about when mentioning her ex Safaree. “No one defended me,” she said. And that is so typical for Black women. No one defends us.

We’ll never know what exactly went down between Nicki and Safaree, Nicki and Meek and whoever else she’s dated, but we do know Black women stand on the front lines and are the first to get damaged in the line of love and war. And for that matter, Black men like Funk Flex will continue to try to make excuses for why men behave the way they do, further perpetuating the cycle.

Watch the full interview, below:


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