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I have to admit, I like reading about groupies and their sex tales.  Me and my girls trade stories every time we come across a new one, we just can’t get enough!!  So imagine my reaction when I came across this particular one on This story is a bit different from what’s usually on their site.

Check it out below…

I’m sure you know of him as “Young Jeezy”. I met Jeezy during the summer of 2007. He was in town performing at our annual summer jam. I was just entering my second year of college and my advisor got me hooked up with an internship at one of the radio stations to count towards elective hours. (My major is broadcasting.) At first I was excited, I thought maybe they would have me on air reading announcements or something dealing with BROADCASTING but I ended up being their mule. I was the token errand girl.

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When I was told that I would get a chance to go to the summer jam, it didn’t excite me. I figured that I’ll be running back and fourth like I did for them all day anyway. I’m a pretty girl but that night, honestly, I did not care. I had on the radio station’s summer jam promo t-shirt that they made me wear, some fitted jeans and a new era hat. After making sure the various artists had their needs met, I finally sat down in the back of the forum and started to nod off. I remember I took my hat off and I must have been day dreaming because some dude walked by and said “She look like she don’t wanna be here”. And without looking up I said “damn right”.

When I looked up to further get smart with the dude who’s sarcasm was pissing me off I saw it was Jeezy. The look on my face could tumble a mountain. I thought he was gonna say something to get me in trouble but he just laughed. I told him I was sorry and I was just tired from all the rippin and running. We talked about 5 mins until he had to perform. He told me that when he got back off stage he would “get at me” and I brushed it off. About an hour after the show ended, this dude came back to get my number. Me being the person that I am I hesitated because I was mad he didn’t come get it himself but I gave it to him anyway. I didn’t think he was gonna call me anyway. There were tons of girls who made there way to him so I didn’t see myself as being special. I actually thought he was trying to be funny. It’s about 1 am and I get this txt from a foreign number and it’s him. He asked me was I coming to the club(after party). I told him no it’s not my thing. And he went on to text me for like a hour. While he was in the club! He asked when I was going to bed and said he’ll call me when he left the after party. I fell asleep and when I woke up, I had 3 missed calls and a voicemail. I txted him apologizin about missing his call and he calls me back like a few mins later. It’s like almost 4 in the morning. We ended up talking for a while. He asked me to come to the hotel in the morning before he left and I agreed. When I got there, he was a total gentleman.

Nothing like how these rappers portray. This man ordered us breakfast and we just kicked it until his check out time. We didn’t have sex. I told him I was a virgin and his demeanour changed. I know he wanted to have sex with me before I told him. He said that he respected my choices and he’d never met anyone like me. He constantly commented on my eyes. (they’re green, yes they’re real and yes I’m black). When it was time for him to go, he gave me a hug and passionate kisses on my neck.

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