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It looks like Miss Permit Patty lied when she claimed she only pretended to call the San Francisco police on a little Black girl selling water in the street last month.

Released audio proves that Alison Ettel did in fact dial 9-1-1 on the 8-year-old who was raising money for her recently laid-off mother to help afford a family vacation to Disney Land.

According to KTVU, Ettel can be heard saying on tape, “I have someone who does not have a vendor permit that’s selling water across from the ballpark.”

In addition, she asked for “someone to talk to about that,” but the call is later cut off. It’s not clear whether she hung up or the call was disconnected, the New York Daily News noted.

Nevertheless, San Francisco Police Dispatch records said that the call was recorded as a report of a “suspicious person.”

Take a listen here:

Now this is a very different tune than what Ettel was singing a few weeks ago when she came under fire for the June 22 incident. Remember Ettel apologized telling the San Francisco Chronicle and Good Morning America that she only pretended to make the call.

Not surprisingly, Ettel has yet to confirm that this is her on the audio or explain her lie, but Black Twitter had a lot to say:

Sigh…how do you get on TV and just lie like that?


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