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'Verses And Flow' Season 5

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Tonight’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop New York starts with Safaree informing Rich Dollaz, Snoop and Jaquae that he’s putting the finishing touches on his Hurricane relief remix for “Paradise” and that Yandy does not run tings when it comes to that song, (especially given that he produced the original). She just doesn’t know it yet. Speaking of “Paradise,” Safaree mentions that he’s still waiting for Bri to lay down the finishing touches on her verse, but she has been dragging her feet. Jaquae suggests putting Kiyanne on the song instead and Safaree decides to move forward with her. This is obviously not going to go over well.

Next, Yandy, Juju and Remy link up for some girl time. Remy is going through the in vitro process. Then Juju mentions she has been hanging out with Safaree a lot lately…and that it has been fun. It’s strictly platonic, so Juju says, but maybe she has seen those Safaree eggplant pics by now and decided to take some action.


Jonathan manages to bring Ruben and Anais together to discuss their broken marriage. Anais comes to tears as she apologizes and asks for a second chance because she realizes that she doesn’t want to lose her family. Ruben is surprisingly willing to forgive her.

Now we’re at rehearsals for Juju’s play, Secrets of a Jewel. Juju and Safaree are waiting for Bianca to show up. Bianca has the lead role opposite Safaree, but then Yandy comes through and informs Juju that Bianca told her that she won’t be coming. Juju is obviously annoyed because why would Bianca tell Yandy, but not her? And, apparently, Bianca has generally been sometimey with Juju despite the fact that she gave her a chance knowing that she had a bad reputation. Another bridge burned.


In other news, Safaree finally tells Yandy that he completed the track and she’s pissed because he didn’t seek her approval on anything.


She’s also pissed that Juju knew about this but didn’t say anything (Juju was basically just minding her business, that’s all).

Yanay acts like a child about it, calls it a “wack ass record” under her breath and walks out because, in her mind, it would have been an international hit under her guidance, but now it’s just going to be local.

Pero like, Safaree helped Nicki craft some of her hits, and who has Yandy actually helped musically?


Now we’re at Safaree’s listening party for the “Paradise” remix and the entire gang comes through, including Ruben. Yeah…Ruben and Rich Dollaz are in the same room since that last, uh, meeting-turned-near-altercation. It’s awkward at first but Ruben keeps it civil and tells Rich that he has no hard feelings toward him and that he and Anais are working their situation. Rich then tries to be mature too. He says he’s glad that they’re back together and goes on and on with a metaphorical verbal olive branch, but then he reveals that Anais showed her vagina to Jaquae. Y’all know he was high key being a hater.


Anais walks up on this conversation because Ruben has been gone too long (he was just supposed to be getting drinks) and of course, Ruben wants to know who Jaquae is and why she showed him her nether regions. Anais shuts this conversation down, tells Ruben that Rich is being a jerk (with Jonathan cosigning), and they leave.

It seems like Safaree and Yandy worked something out because Safaree gets on the mic to intro the song and impending performance, and thanks Yandy because “it wouldn’t have been possible without her.” He presents his check and then the beat drops. Everyone’s jamming and people who are on the song take turns performing it. So, you can imagine Bri’s surprise when she’s standing in the audience watching Jaquae, Kiyanne and Mariahlynn do their thing. Once she puts two and two together she storms the stage, grabs a mic and demands to know what happened to her verse. Safaree explains that she didn’t give him what he asked for so it was on to the next. Bri then takes out her frustration on Kiyanne. And you already know Kiyanne is about that life so they start bickering back and forth and acting a’fool at this charity event. They eventually try to fight, but that good ol’ Love and Hip-Hop security steps in. Bri goes home and Rich says he could have made things right for Bri had she not been trying to move on her own. It’s not a shocker that she went around Rich to manage her own situation because Rich as a manager…who was his last poppin’ artist in the past five years?


Safaree acknowledges that he should have told Bri that she wasn’t on the track before this event, but at the same time, Bri should have been professional. She already knows that in this industry, there are a million people willing to take your place if you don’t step up.

This is the season finale so, after all the above drama, we get into the wrap-up montage of everyone’s individual situation, but we’ll reconvene next week because the reunion is about to be dramaful, as usual.


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