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Tonight’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta picks up after the NeNe vs. Kim drama. The gang’s all at breakfast, minus NeNe, discussing the fallout and most seem to agree that Brielle was fowl for filming and posting the video of bugs on Nene’s bathroom floor on SnapChat. In other news, Nene gets the girls a new hotel room so they can finally stop complaining and get the lavish accomadations they want.

Then, on the tour bus, Cynthia encourages everyone to participate in the #50CentBucketListChallenge, which leads to Cynthia and Porsha kissing.


They love joking about dipping and dabbling in the lady pond then getting mad when the rumors about them dipping in the lady pond start flying.


Anyway, they manage to do some sight-seeing in peace but then we get to dinner. This is the part where NeNe goes in on Kim again. She says Kim is wrong, yatta yatta. The solution is that Sheree needs to talk to Kim since that’s her friend.


Then, Marlo asks Porsha if she’s going to talk to Kim since that’s her friend too. Porsha is annoyed by this question, but also mentions that she’s just getting to know Kim so it wouldn’t be her place. NeNe chimes in and tells Porsha that she should still tell Kim something because she knows she’s wrong. Porsha makes a good point, which is that Kim and NeNe are always going at each other’s throats then being friends again, so why should she get involved? Plus, they’re grown women.

Somehow, this leads to Marlo and Porsha going at it because, what’s Real Housewives of Atlanta without a verbal sparring match? Anyway, Porsha just isn’t with Marlo’s tone and the sarcastic comments she’s making, especially when Marlo tells Porsha that a mat in her home was too small.


This is the level of petty we’re dealing with.

Porsha calls Marlo childish because she’s over it (Marlo is being extra though, you know how she does). And then Marlo snatches a fan from Porsha (Porsha was holding on to a closed hand fan because she was actually using it to fan herself but that hand got too close to Marlo). Porsha bucks up for a hot second but the crisis is averted when they are split up and pulled away from the table. Porsha is being calmed down by Shamea and Sheree, while Marlo is with the rest of the group. Eva points out that Marlo did take it too far. Both women rant to their respective groups and Kandi and NeNe make a good point—that ending up on Locked Up Abroad is not a good move.

Porsha is actually hurt by what happened with Marlo and reaches her breaking point. She generally just feels beat down by the group, she’s tired of everyone bringing up the Kandi situation, and tells NeNe that she’s going to leave early. She learned a thing or two in anger management and would rather take herself out of the situation instead of getting pushed any further. Good for her. NeNe lends an empathetic ear as Porsha comes to tears about what has been happening. NeNe gets where Porsha is coming from because she has also felt attacked by the group at times (and like Porsha, she also has a hard time taking responsibility for her own actions). It’s actually nice to see NeNe being so soft and pink with Porsha and it almost seems like they got their big sister/little sister relationship back.

For now.

Next week, it will be more drama as usual.


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