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With less than a week until Christmas, you don’t have to feel bad if you haven’t gotten your house holiday-ready. But even if you’re wallet is as tight as your window of time, it’s not impossible! Follow my tricks below to implement small, affordable updates that will work seamlessly into your home’s existing decor.

When it comes to colors, there’s nothing wrong with traditional red and green, but you can opt to update add small splashes of color and metallics to your current scheme for a modern look. This is especially true if your decor is neutral, as mine is. This year’ my fall decor consisted of hints of the season’s popular hue of “millennial pink,” which is a soft blush. To achieve this, I opted to sprinkle this color in through throws, ornaments and other small touches that gave longer use to my fall decor that I already owned.

As a bargain shopper, I purchased most of the items on this list below at discount stores like Homegoods, TJ Maxx or Target. Divide your shopping list into two tiers — a few timeless pieces that will work over the years and smaller, affordable items to work in trends that you may be sick of at this time next year.

On your list of timeless items, give the following a try:

THROW BLANKET: HomeGoods ($19)

CANDLE PILLARS: HomeGoods ($19 per pillar, $6 per candle)


On your list of seasonal items, try these:

ORNAMENTS: HomeGoods $8-14


REINDEER: Target $24

Do you have favorite decor items to make your house holiday ready? Share if you do!

Magda, the creator of is a wife and mother of two with a passion for fashion and creating a peaceful, glamorous home for herself and her clients. Follow her on social media at @arrangenstyle.

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