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Andy and Ashley Williams are the latest married flippers to host a spinoff of HGTV’s highly popular home improvement franchise Flip or Flop. The premiere of their new show Flip or Flop Fort Worth offers a healthy helping of #BlackLove and  #RelationshipGoals and gives hard work and entrepreneurial success a melantated face. With expectations high and the debut tonight, fans are excited to see a different but welcomed form of Black representation.

HB caught up with the military veterans, who left active duty to become real estate investors, as they buy, rehab and sell properties in need of help all throughout the Texas area. Find out how they got started, what to expect from their show and more! Flip or Flop Fort Worth premieres Thursday, November 2 at 9PM on HGTV.

Hello Beautiful: How did you both transition from being in the military to flipping houses?

Ashley Williams: Before we started dating, Andy had begun investing in rental properties back in the States. Once we got married, it became our hobby that we loved; buying and renovating a few projects a year while continuing to serve overseas. That hobby quickly evolved into a viable business with multiple projects going on. Finally leaving Iraq, real estate was and continues to be our safe haven.

HB: What sets you apart from other house-flippers?

Andy Williams: We believe that each project is an opportunity to add value and create an impact. Our profits are important, but our mission of adding value to the community and bringing our fellow veterans along through the process is our focus. It’s our little way to continue to serve.

HB: Being that you are the first African-American Flip or Flop hosts, do you feel any pressure to live up to a certain standard with black viewers?

Ashley: Being one of the first African-Americans to host is humbling. We are super excited to positively represent our community and HGTV. We can’t wait to follow in the footsteps of positive, wholesome and empowering television!

HB: How do you find the balance between being married and being business partners?

Andy: Finding the balance is constant compromise as we both are very passionate. We have a rule; turn off during family time and date night. Our kids won’t be young forever, so we don’t [want] to miss any of those fun moments. And date night is our way of keeping our relationship growing in a positive light.

HB: What advice would you give a first-time homeowner who want to embark upon their first flip?  

Andy: Our advice to first-time flippers would be to learn your market and run your numbers. Also, flipping is a team sport; it’s much more fun finding success as a team versus doing everything yourself. So, build a strong team by sourcing experts in the area.

HB: If you could narrow it down to 5 tips, what are the most important things to know about flipping homes?

  1. Find a discounted property that you can add value to. In flipping, the price you pay for a house will directly dictate the price you sell it for. Never overpay; always buy at a discount.
  2. Flipping houses is a team sport – include your team in the entire process. Great communication is key.
  3. The renovation phase is the most critical aspect. Put your plans on paper and your agreements in writing so you can manage expectations.
  4. Monitor the market, manage the process and, always remember, it’s not your home. It’s an investment property so do not get emotional or you will eat into your earnings.
  5. Assess your financial position at all times.

HB: What can viewers expect on to see on your first season of Flip or Flop Fort Worth?

Ashley: In Flip or Flop Fort Worth season one, viewers will see really cool transformations and creative uses of space as we work as a team to navigate problems and protect our profits.

The last few years have seen the increasingly popular presence and representation of black people on TV displaying all of their melanin and excellence for viewers to behold. We set our DVR’s and are waiting with popcorn.


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