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Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood Season 4 wrapped up tonight with another ratchet affair–that is, the second and final installment of the reunion. Highlights from tonight’s episode, which was dull for the most part,  include the last time we’ll hopefully be seeing Zellswag and Cisco on the show. Let’s break it down.

Tonight’s episode opens with the fall out from Zellswag pretending to hug Misster Ray in what’s supposed to be a truce, only to  sucker slap him. Let’s be clear, sucker SLAP, not punch. 

Zellswag takes the lowest road possible in what is now probably one of the most uncalled for moments in reality TV history. Misster Ray and others, including, Nina Parker, Solo Lucci, Masika, etc are rightfully pissed because catching people off guard is obviously some sucker ish.


The only one amused by it is Alexis Skyy, who laughed when it happened. 

Congratulations, Zell, you got your TV infamy.


Anyway, Zell gets escorted right out of there by Love and Hip-Hop security, who are hopefully paid well for the craziness they have to deal with. And hopefully, we won’t be seeing him or Hazel-E, for that matter, on the franchise ever again.


Misster Ray claims he’s going to press charges. That still remains to be seen though. Word is he did file misdemeanor assault charges, but that was back in September and there don’t seem to be any reliable updates at the moment.

Cisco is still trash. He tries to blame his cheating on Teairra’s friends “intervening in their relationship.” Um…they had a conversation with him because they were concerned about Teairra’s drinking. How exactly does that drive one to cheating?

Moniece ends up going in on Cisco for being a scum bucket. Cisco gets indignant right back. At one point security has to step in because it looks like he was about to roll up on Moniece with hands.

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Then Nikki expresses her disapproval of Cisco’s behavior and then he claims that he had sex with her and that she was sprung and following him around. Nikki denies it. Nikki is usually real about the people she deals with so she’s a helluva lot more believe able than Uncle Fester. 

Anyway, hopefully this is the last time we’ll see him too. There are way better and more entertaining creeps on the franchise anyway.

As far as Teairra’s rehab goes, she says she’s doing much better. She lost weight, she’s sober, has been recording music, and plans to release a new single in Nov.


Other than that, Keyshia Cole performed and her new music sounds promising, Omarian is still acting stank toward Fizz, Brooke and Marcus seem to be going strong, and Safaree is moving back to New York (as we all know). You know what that means, right? The Badman is back in NYC just in time for us to see more of his yardie shenanigans on his home turf in Love and Hip-Hop New York.


Here for it.

The original Love and Hip-Hop premieres season 8 next week. Sam bat time, same bat channel.

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