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A Chinese museum is under fire after a photography exhibit profiling animals and Africans side by side, incited multiple critics to call for its removal.

The “This Is Africa” exhibit at the Hubei Provincial Museum in Wuhan was taken down after photos by famed Chinese photographer, Yu Huiping, incensed anger among Africans and Chinese students who visited the museum,  The New York Times reports.

Not necessarily sure why this wasn’t seen as a problem during the curation period–but for whatever reason, the display was opened to the public.

A short video posted to YouTube shows multiple juxtapositions of Africans next to an animal depicting a similar facial expression. Photos included a profile of young African boy next to a howling chimpanzee, a man next to a fierce lion, and a man and a baboon.

After the outrage was brought to the curator’s attention, the museum decided to scrap the exhibit.

This isn’t the first time that racist labeling has come out of China. Just this week, “WeChat,” the  country’s most popular messaging app apologized after On the translation software interchanged the term “black foreigner” for the n-word. Last year, a detergent commercial that showed a Black man emerge into a washer machine and exit out as a Chinese man, sparked outrage on social media.

SOURCE: The New York Times


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