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Erica Campbell made it very clear that despite her sister’s political decisions, she does not support Donald Trump.

Trump might have gotten Tina Campbell‘s vote, but he didn’t get Erica’s. After days of seeing her sister roasted on all forms of social media and in think pieces across the Web, Erica took a moment to share her thoughts on the backlash against her sister.

“I appreciate my sister’s boldness. This is America. We should be free to say what we want, and not be vilified or bashed,” she said during a recent episode of her radio show, Get Up Mornings. And she declared that no one on Earth has the power to cancel Tina’s career–especiallynot over a difference of opinion. “But I do know this, to those who say she’s cancelled… God gave [Tina] her gift, and whether you buy her record or not, God put her there. It’s not your position to say what she can or can’t… will or will not…move forward and progress, [and] be great. Because we all disagree sometimes.”

While Erica stuck up for her sister, she made it very clear that Tina is the only member of the duo that voted for Trump because she expects more of people in power.

“I do not stand with Donald Trump. I require more answers. I require more accountability,” Erica told listeners. “I would like my president to be intelligent; to have awareness of the world, and not just his world and his fear.”

She added, “Everybody is not going to like Donald Trump… But, I’m a Christian, so I believe the word of God says we’re supposed to vote for the person in the seat of leadership.”

Erica believes that being a leader on a national level has some major requirements attached to it. Trump doesn’t measure up in her opinion.

“In that seat of leadership, I require you to give us, the American people, some answers,” she explained. “We require you to be… to have integrity, to have character, to have self-control, to have wisdom, to have a Cabinet to understand the world that [Donald Trump] doesn’t seem to understand.”

Bringing it back around to her sister, Erica once again defended Tina. Erica also pointed out that although she has no problem praying for Trump, she can’t in good faith stand behind his actions and decisions as president.

“I love my sister and she’s free to have her opinion, but I don’t stand with Donald Trump,” she asserted. “I’ma pray for him because I am supposed to, but I don’t stand with him.”


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