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In August of this year, a Bronx teen was defending his mother from being beaten by her abusive ex-boyfriend and did what many children would—he defended her the best way he could. Unfortunately, it resulted in the man dying, but many were hoping that the boy wouldn’t be charged and they got their wish.

18-year-old Luis Moux of Bronx, New York was accused of strangling his mother’s ex-boyfriend to death after he placed the man in a chokehold in an attempt to stop him from abusing his mother. The incident occurred on August 14 and since then Moux, a high-school football player, had been waiting to find out his fate.

A grand jury decided earlier this week that they would not indict Moux on manslaughter charges in the death of 43-year-old Stanley Washington. Reported by the Huffington Post, Washington had a long criminal history with 26 prior arrests, two of which were for domestic violence against Moux’s mother.

The details of the night in question reveal the violence that occurred in Moux’s family home in the Bronx:

The violence broke out after Washington reportedly visited the family’s Bronx apartment around 4:30 a.m. to speak with the teen’s mom, 37-year-old Lorena Sesma.

Moux told police he was in his bedroom when he heard his mother being attacked. He rushed from his room and pulled Washington off of his mother, then placed the man in a chokehold until he “fell asleep,” according to various news reports.

After the verdict was announced Moux’s attorney Walter Fields spoke to local media about the innocence of his client and his plans for his future. “It was clear that Luis didn’t do anything wrong. He testified in the grand jury and his story didn’t change a bit. He’s going to move on with his life,” Fields added. “When you are an innocent man, you just want to move on with your life.”


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