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Tamera Mowry-Housley

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Actress Tamera Mowry has been in the game for decades as an actress, host and entrepreneur. Despite ‘doing it all,’ the wife and mother of two maintains an effortless glow whether she’s on ‘The Real,’ the red carpet, or running around on mom duty.

She gave HB the 4-1-1 on how she keeps her ship running smoothly. From prioritizing self care to using technology like her smartphone, powered by Total Wireless, Tamera is a shining example to women that we really can have it all, one step at a time.

HB: With your busy schedule, how do you maintain work/life balance, if that’s even a thing?


TM: The main thing that I do is I try to prioritize, organize, plan ahead and take everything a step at a time. I rely a lot on my smartphone and Total Wireless to get me through. A smartphone is not just a phone anymore, it’ so much more. I’ve learned to organize my daily schedule. I’ve learned to meal prep. They even have recipes on apps that I use to cook for my family.

HB: What does self care look like when you are overwhelmed with the demands of every day?

TM: I never thought I’d say this, but I have to plan time when I can take care of myself. Because in the past, it’s usually when it’s too late that you start . When your body checks out and you get a bad cold—or you’re so stressed out you scream and yell at your kids and you didn’t want to. I’ve had enough of those moments where I have to be like, okay Tamera, you just need to plan ahead— Saturday you are going to take a nice long bath. Or even giving myself permission to watch one of my favorite TV shows (Game Of Thrones is her fav!), and when I do that, when I take care of myself, I am freed up to be a better version of myself, and naturally when I become a better version of myself, I become a better mom, sister, spouse, wife.

HB: What have you learned the most about motherhood while raising your two kids?

TM:  [Moms] We take care of everyone else first, and us last. I’ve gotta stop doing that. You can’t forget about you. I also thought that I could control my children’s behavior to some extent. I assumed my son would love watching TV and cuddling with me. He doesn’t like that. My daughter, she is the most cuddly-looking baby in the world, and she doesn’t like to cuddle. I have to respect that. You can’t control them. You can guide them. You can be an example, and that’s what I had to learn. And I have to let that go now, because when they are 17, 18 and Ariah wants to be a doctor or an actress, I’ve got to be okay with that.


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