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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has tried to reach out to Tyrese Gibson in brotherhood only to be turned down.

Tyrese has been keeping up all types of noise to let Dwayne and the world know that he is not pleased with proposed The Fast and Furious spin-off that features Dwayne’s character.

Initially Tyrese complained that The Rock doing his own movie about Luke Hobbs would be going against a deep conversation they had in his car. Supposedly, The Fast & Furious family does not fly solo.

Tyrese also called The Rock out for ignoring his calls, stating that social media was the only way to reach him. Now that Dwayne has finally tried to contact him in private, Tyrese came back with this extra petty response.

Tyrese has been doing a lot on Instagram lately, including calling out his ex-wife for “being bitter” that he’s moved and gotten married while she remains single. He also promised that there would be “more truths” coming soon on that one.

One might assume that Tyrese is going through something given his online behavior as of late, and he revealed that could actually be the case.

According to Tyrese, he’s been a wee bit emotional over Paul Walker’s upcoming birthday.


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