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Moniece and Nia confront Cisco about taking her to a detox center instead of a real rehab place. Cisco is irritated that they’re all in his face about this anyway and maintains that he does care about Teairra Mari and that he is trying to help her. Moniece then goes on this melodramatic meltdown, with teary-eyes about how she’s not going to watch her friend destroy herself. A1 is present and is also concerned about TT. In his confessional he claims to have seen TT drink an entire bottle of Honey Jack at his house.

Granted, they probably know Teairra better than Cisco, and she does seem to have a drinking problem, but harassing Cisco about his methods of helping Teairra aren’t going to make the situation better. Hold that thought though, because there’s more drama coming.

For now let’s move on to Safaree and Chanel West Coast. As you know, Safaree has agreed to help Chanel’s struggle rap career and he has pulled Hazel E in to help Chanel with her image. Remember, Hazel was actually a publicist before her ratchet TV days–so she says–and she claims that she’s all about the girl power. Yeah, ok. You already know this is about to downhill plunge right off a cliff.


Hold tight.

Teairra Mari is working on her music, and definitely trying to ignore the fact that she probably has an alcohol problem. She claims this is her year to come back, like, for real, for real.

Us waiting on a Teairra Mari comeback:


Anyway, Cisco has been helping her creatively, and the two of them are still trying to convince us that they’re a real couple. So, it was only a matter of time that Cisco told Teairra about Moniece and Nia’s recent ambush, and how they scolded him for taking her to a hangover detox place instead of an actual rehab facility. Teairra gets all upset and demands to know what they said to him and what he said because she hopes that he had her back since he’s her man. They both get all upset with each other–Cisco feeling like Teairra is questioning his loyalty to her.


Finally, Cisco calms down enough to tell her what was said and how they want to do an intervention. His theory is that Moniece and Nia are  jealous of her and not real friends.

So…friends wanting a friend with a potential alcohol problem to go to rehab aren’t real friends?


Later on TT confronts Moniece and Nia about their nerve to confront her man. She’s pissed that they went to him first instead of her. They urge Teairra to recognize that she has a drinking problem and that Cisco isn’t the one to help her handle it. TT seems to just think that she drinks excessively…on occasion. She then gets heated and walks out on them,

But like, TT having an alcohol problem has been a topic of discussion since season one of this franchise. In short, if it’s pig meat then it’s pork, so perhaps it’s time for TT to focus on getting herself together, seriously, before trying to make a comeback in the music world.


It’s also important to note that when Teairra finds out that Cisco is cheating on her, she’s going to be triggered dinnamug. About that, Cisco is a creep and always gon’ be a creep. In this very episode he decides to reach out to his “homegirl” because “Teairra is bugging and he has needs. You know exactly what he did and what this means.


Dr. Drew can take a break from counseling teen moms, right? Or where’s Dr. Jenn? Teairra is going to need the help.

In other news, A1 got caught blowing a studio session with Lyrica off so that he could work with Keyshia Cole? Lyrica shows up at the session unannounced–Love and Hip-Hop-style, and confronts A1 about his shady ways.  Keyshia leaves because her session with A1 is over. However, Lyrica, visibly hurt, rips him a new one for being shady. Lyrica states that she’s not mad at him working with Keyshia Cole because she’s talented and a track with her will bring home checks into their household. However, Lyrica is upset that he blew her off and didn’t consider having her write the potential Keyshia Cole banger because then that would be two checks coming in. She’s tired of being sidelined by her husband, especially when she’s the one who got his name out there when he was first trying to get put on. A1 sits stuck on stupid at first,  but eventually he gets it and apologizes. He also promises to be more open about his studio sessions and inviting her to come through and it seems like he’s actually being genuine.


Now we’re at a video shoot for Chanel’s new song, “New Bae.” Safaree thinks he’s doing a good thing by getting Hazel E’s help, but nah. Hazel set up this whole entire shoot without Chanel or Safaree’s input (nor did they even get a treatment) and then has the nerve to start hating from jump. She starts making suggestions demands about what Chanel needs to do and how she should look (all of which goes against what Chanel’s image supposed to be anyway). Then demands that Chanel learn a dance right on the spot (there were professional dancers on set). Chanel rightfully feels some type of way about Hazel bogarting the entire operation and being rude. Constructive criticism is one thing, but Hazel is being extra and it’s not coming from a loving place. That’s clear when Hazel then steps in Chanel’s spot and starts doing the choreography, that she wanted Chanel to learn, along with the dancers. Long story short, Hazel and Chanel almost got into a fight, but security stepped in so that’s the end of that, but Chanel said it’s about to be on next time she sees Hazel. So much for female empowerment. Plus, where are Hazel’s hit singles and awards anyway?


Unwarranted rudeness. In other words, Hazel E tried it.


The episode wraps with Zellswag paying Masika a visit at the nail salon to try to hash out their differences. Masika says she still hasn’t quite forgiven him, but then they start talking about the situation with Misster Ray. Then all of a sudden Misster Ray appears, looking like a rotund genie. Masika claims she didn’t invite him so perhaps either the producers snitched or she Snapchatted or Instasnapped her location and forgot. Anyawy, Zell and Ray get to arguing again and then Zell charges at Ray after being called a “Tazmanian Davil,” basically acting like a Tazmanian Devil.

Looks like this beef is going to be [Cardi B twirl] FOREVUH!


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