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Marcus Martin is a hero.

The Charlottesville protest survivor pushed his fiancée out of the way before being struck by the White Nationalist terrorist, who plowed his Dodge Challenger into a crowd of counterdemonstrators, during the violent neo-Nazi rally on Saturday, The Daily Mail exclusively reports.

Martin’s wife-to-be, Marissa Blair, opened up about the life-threatening encounter saying, ‘He saved me then he was under the car.’ A photo of Martin’s body being catapulted through the air after the horrific attack went viral.

According to Blair, she and Martin were chanting “Whose streets? Our streets!” at the intersection when they heard a commotion. “It happened so fast. I felt myself shoved out of the way. [Martin] had pushed me out of the way,” she said.

‘It was so fast. All he could think was to push me. He saved me then he was under the car. I checked myself and then immediately thought, where’s Marcus?”

Blair said she began searching for Marcus where the car had struck several people. “I saw his hat had blood all over it but he wasn’t there. I found him with no blood on him.” Martin suffered a broken leg.

Martin and Blair returned to the location where he was struck and their friend, Heather Heyer died, to pay his respects to the fallen activist. Martin wore Heather’s face on his shirt with a quote from her Facebook page that read, “If you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention.”

Martin, Blair and Heyer were near each other when the attack occurred. Blair recalled she and Martin’s ride to the hospital and hearing news a “heavyset woman” had succumb to her injuries.

‘I started asking around but I knew that it was my friend Heather. She had been standing right in front of Marcus.’

Blair and Heather, 32, had been coworkers at the same law firm.

“What happened here is 100% wrong,” Martin told reporters on the scene. “It’s a hate crime and Donald Trump won’t call it that because it’s what he believes in,” Martin added.

‘I’m still numb. My friend is dead. Heather was with us because this is what Heather believed in. She died standing up for what she believed in,” Blair said.

Heyer’s family set up a GoFundMe, which has over $225,000 in donations.


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