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Since Congress failed to win enough votes to repeal and replace Obamacare, staunch Trump supporters have been in a tizzy. This includes Diamond and Silk, who got on Fox & Friends on Friday to blast elected officials for not pushing through the President’s agenda.

“Maybe it’s time to repeal and replace them when they come back,” the duo said of what should happen to Congress when they come back from their August recess.

Uh, ladies: Y’all know that’s not how democracy works right?

They continued making fools out of themselves when they accused Congress of not being focused on the citizenry “because they’re working for their own greed and not the need of people” and suggested that “somebody may be getting a kick back, paddy whack give a dog a bone.”



Not surprisingly, they also had nothing for praise for President Trump, who by the way hasn’t passed one major piece of legislation since being elected and has a record-low 33 percent approval rating.

“Oh, phenomenal,” Diamond exclaimed. “And amazing, he’s doing an amazing job. Just look at the stock market, look at the jobs that are coming back. He’s doing a phenomenal job through everything that’s going on.”

And in terms of the investigation into whether Trump and his associates colluded with Russia to impact the 2016 presidential campaign, they stressed that this was nothing but “our president [being] railroaded.”

“The average person cared about “jobs, jobs, job,” not “Russia, Russia, Russia.”

Watch this Sunken Place nonsense below:


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