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If you are a girl in the “4’s” (4B, 4C) you most likely struggle with shrinkage, product not absorbing into your hair and finding products that leave your curls moisturized, healthy, and looking luscious.

Did I do that?

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A wash and go, is never just that. In order to ensure your curls are defined and you don’t end up with major frizz in humidity.

I struggle with my kinky-curly 4c hair for multiple reasons. From extreme shrinkage to product sitting on my hair, I have discovered that girls in the “4’s” (4B, 4C) need product that won’t weigh our hair down, but also helps to both moisturize and elongate.

Jane Carter stopped by HB studios and shared her new product line, ‘Curls On The Go!’ with #TeamBeautiful. I came with a wash and go (I had co-washed my hair that day with Dark and Lovey Clay Co-Wash) and used a little of the clumping clay to define my curls. When I arrived in the office, someone complimented my “afro” (not the look I was going for).

Jane taught me the secret to a good wash and go and it literally means doing a majority of it in the shower. Your hair should be soaking wet when you apply product (forget towel drying). She then instructed that I use a paddle brush in the shower and brush the product through my hair. If you’re suffering from heat damage or have multiple texture hairs, finger curling your hair while wet will give you a lasting style and more defined curls.

I tried this method the next morning, using her Jane Carter Coiling All Curls Elongating Gel (Target, $10.99) and was way happier with my wash and go. It was longer (albeit not as long as Jane had made it) and the curls were definitely more defined. The product left my hair flexible and even though it’s a gel, it didn’t get that crunchy feeling. I sealed my curls with Jane Carter Shine On Elixir (Walmart, $13.49).

4B and 4C beauties, if you want to have a defined, yet lightweight wash and go. Try this method and let us know in the comment section. Have a better method? Tell us in the comment section!


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