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Writer, producer, actress and media mogul in the making Issa Rae is covering the pages of Complex Magazine looking badder than ever. The 32-year-old stuns in the Pam Grier inspired shoot ahead of the season 2 premiere of her breakout HBO series, Insecure.

In the editorial, the actress details what fans can expect from season 2 of the show, which has quickly become a Black millennial fan favorite. Issa touches on her evolving relationship with “Molly,” played by Yvonne Orji.

“This season, you’ll see them kind of calling each other to the carpet in terms of being honest with each other because last season they let a lot of stuff build, so when we come in this season, they’re like, “Look, we’re being honest with each other. We have a trigger word that is to make sure that we’re honest at all times.”

Issa also reveals she had a lot more hiring power gearing up for season 2 of her hit show.

“You give someone an opportunity and if they knock it out of the park, other doors will open. Then it’s crazy because other people will just jump on board, but it’s like all they needed was a chance.”

Since her debut web series “Awkward Black Girl” first hit the Internet, Issa has constantly pushed the boundaries to create nuanced Black characters on TV.

That’s just something that we want to have real discussions [about], and we don’t want to take a side either way… it’s just those conversation topics to have outside of the show are great. I saw so many people being like, ‘Would I date a dude who would mess with another dude?’ post that show and I was like, ‘Yes, progress. But it was something that was a hot topic in the room.”

 You can read the full piece here.




Issa Rae Opens Up About What To Expect In ‘Insecure’ Season Two

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Issa Rae Opens Up About What To Expect In ‘Insecure’ Season Two

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