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We have seen many sides of Joseline, but it looks like motherhood has another side emerging.

The Love and Hip Hop star has decided to leave the show and it looks like this move might be great for her. She recently penned a letter to her daughter which she shared with her Instagram fans and followers and captioned it, “To my favorite girl.”

For the love of my life: Bonnie ‘Bella

My darling Momma Love! Where and how do I begin? Before you I was afraid, I was lost I was clueless. I am still afraid, but you give me courage. Bonnie ‘Bella you gave me strength to walk away from situations that were destructive to my health, my soul and well-being. I remember taking the test like it was yesterday! OMG I took 3. When I went to the doctor he said, ‘Honey you are 3 months pregnant!” I was shocked, but you knew what you were doing hiding inside of me without my knowledge. You were gaining your strength so that you could transfer some of it to me! Strength that I need to make me a better Joseline, a better mother, a better provider. Bonnie ‘Bella you are a strong, fearless, happy, beautiful and kind and you may not know this, but you are teaching me to be those things. You are allowing me to love myself again. You are teaching me to be kind. I was not always kind. Before you were here I’ve made a lot of mistakes publicly and I am sorry that you may one day be exposed to those mistakes. I apologize to everyone that I may have hurt during those dark moments in my life. I promise that I’m growing into a better woman each day I have you in my life!

The world may never get to see my growth and I may never be able to prove to the public that I’m constantly changing, but I am evolving into a better woman and a better mother. Bonnie ‘Bella you’ve changed my life in more ways than you could imagine and you make all of the places in my life that were once incomplete whole again. Thank you for giving me the chance to be your mother. I love you dearly Momma Love!

You mother always and foreva

<3 xoxo

Here’s to Joseline being a better person, a better mother, and raising a beautiful, intelligent little girl.


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