Doris Payne is back at it again!

According to WBVF News, the infamous jewelry thief was arrested after police were called to Walmart after receiving a report that Payne was allegedly shoplifting. Authorities later identified the shoplifter as the 86-year-old, who apparently attempted to hide items from the store’s pharmacy, electronics and grocery departments.

It’s believed that she shoplifted items that were worth $86.22, a police report noted.

The news outlet reported that Payne was taken to Chamblee Jail, where police discovered she was wearing an electronic ankle monitor. Payne is currently out of jail after posting bond.

Apparently, Payne pulled goods from the shopping cart and tried to hide them, says the Atlanta Journal Constitution. All of the items that were allegedly taken were eventually returned and Payne was arrested on a charge of theft by shoplifting.

As we previously reportedPayne has a history of stealing from all over the world including places such as Greece, Switzerland and The United Kingdom. Her items, usually high end, also included a 10.5-carat diamond she grabbed in Monte Carlo. Doris’ string of larceny was so infamous, she was even the subject of a documentary titled The Life and Crimes of Doris Payne that can be seen on Netflix.


86-Year-Old Jewel Thief Doris Payne Arrested Again

Gangster Granny Doris Payne Allegedly Caught Stealing Jewelry Again

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