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She was known for her original and empowering content on natural hair, giving black women around the world a new source of inspiration. Tameka Maria Monroe, affectionately known as Meechy Monroe, passed away on June 27th at age 32 due to brain cancer.

Meechy was a pioneer in the natural hair movement, with her tutorials on YouTube where she shared her hair journey that started from a haircut gone bad in 2009. She was also working at a 9 to 5 marketing job that left her unhappy and unfulfilled. Once she realized her potential and the opportunity to “transition” in her career and hair care, Meechy took that leap. She soon learned that being natural was, according to her, “more than just a look.”

Soon, terms such as “messy updo”, “side puff” and “twist out” became well known terms across the natural hair community, providing black women with healthier options for their hair. Meechy was known and appreciated for breaking down each step and phase in styling natural hair. After grabbing the attention of over a million viewers, Meechy caught the eye of big name beauty companies who wanted to work with her.

After being diagnosed with aphasia, brain damage that causes speech disorder in 2014, Meechy continued to provide knowledge on caring for natural hair, despite her newfound medical condition. Because she had to undergo brain surgery, Meechy shaved off her beautiful curls she had become known for and donated them to Locks of Love. It was during her surgery it was discovered she had brain cancer.

Meechy is survived by her parents, Alexander and Patricia Monroe and two sisters, Katara Giles, Vaughn Colquitt and Alexandria Monroe.


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