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In another case of cultural appropriation, Armani has taken a well known go to style for Black woman and used it on their runway with zero acknowledgement. It all started off when a picture of a Giorgio Armani model wearing a doobie was posted on the New York Times with a caption that read “Hair details at Giorgio Armani Prive“.

The photo or the caption was not well received by viewers, who were quick to share their disapproval due to lack of credit to Black women who’ve been using the doobie hairstyle for years. It should also be noted that the actual hairstyle was worn by models on the runway of their fashion show underneath hats as they shared their latest designs for the season.

The video below gives a behind-the-scenes look at the doobie wrap being worn underneath the hats.

Unfortunately, this is nothing new as Black creations and inspirations are constantly used without giving proper credit – hence the backlash on social media. Followers are letting the designer know they are not pleased with their latest high-jacking.The fact that they’re labeling this protective style for black women as a “new fall trend” is pretty much hilarious.

At least say where your “hair details” inspiration originated from!


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