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Before you head to the theater to see some of Hollywood’s favorite ladies in the hilarious and raunchy comedy Girls Trip, you have to see just how stunning the cast is on the cover of the latest issue of Essence magazine.

Queen Latifah, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Regina Hall and Tiffany Haddish look absolutely radiant as they all cover the June issue of Essence magazine. In addition to the group cover shot, each lovely lady also has a solo cover to shine on their own. Queen Latifah and Regina Hall are ethereal in soft blue hues, Tiffany Haddish looks regal in purple and Jada Pinkett-Smith is a vibrant vision in orange.

You can check out the covers BELOW:

In an excerpt of the accompanying interview, Jada Pinkett-Smith discusses how necessary it is for black women to let go and have fun without being so hard on ourselves.

Jada Pinkett-Smith: “Because of our history in this country and how we’ve been labeled, I think we, as Black women, tend to be a little hard on ourselves. That feeling of always having to be on point has prevented us from being expansive in how we see ourselves and how we allow ourselves to be entertained, but I think we’re getting to a place where we’re afforded the opportunity to kind of cut loose and see all the wonderful colors of who we are,” she said.

“In this film we are flawed, funny, vulnerable and out of our minds! We go way over the top, just to remind people that it’s comedy. Even though this group of women gets to wild out together, they’ve also been holding on to some things that have made their friendship feel inauthentic,” Pinkett-Smith said.

The film also serves as an onscreen reunion of co-stars Queen Latifah and Jada Pinkett-Smith, who were last in a film together with the 1996 iconic crime drama Set It Off. Speaking of the reunion, Queen Latifah said it was a pretty simple exchange between the two that came down to, “Are you doing it? If you do it, then I’ll do it.”

You only have a little over a month left before you can check out all the hilarious hijinks when Girls Trip hits theaters on Friday, July 21!


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