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The case of Ohio teen Bresha Meadows has captivated the country and inspired a lot of action from social activists advocating for her release from jail after she was imprisoned for killing her abusive father in an act of self-defense. Well, good news surrounding the case has finally emerged.

After being convicted for the shooting death of her abusive father on a prior charge that would have given her life without parole, 15-year-old Bresha Meadows has been in jail for the past nine months, which has spurred a ton of outrage from activists and even inspired the social media hashtag #FreeBresha.

In a positive turn of events, The Root is reporting that Meadows recently accepted a plea deal on the lesser charge of involuntary manslaughter that will see her release from jail and back home with her family by early 2018, after serving six months at a mental-health facility in Shaker Heights, Ohio beginning on July 29.

Bresha Meadows’ attorney spoke about the recent positive outcome:

When asked what made Bresha accept the plea deal, Brad S. Wolfe, one of the attorneys representing her, told The Root, “It was an obvious and easy decision as it allows her to reintegrate into life.”

Wolfe said, “Bresha’s family and the entire defense team is elated and relieved with this resolution. This young lady just got her life back, when she was facing life without parole.”

When asked how this conviction for involuntary manslaughter could affect her in the future, Wolfe said that a such a conviction is eligible for both sealing and expungement from Bresha’s record.

#FreeBresha indeed!


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