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African American in Prison

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Bresha Meadows, the teen charged with killing her allegedly abusive father, could be heading home and getting some help in a few months under the terms of a new plea deal.

The Huffington Post reports that Bresha’s attorney, Ian Friedman, announced today that prosecutors in her case have offered a plea deal.

Bresha, then 15, was arrested last July just hours after shooting her allegedly abusive father dead while he was sleeping. She has been in custody at a juvenile detention center in Ohio ever since.

Friedman argues that Bresha acted in self-defense. According to him, the terms of the plea deal would focus more on rehabilitation for Bresha.

Under the deal, Bresha would serve 18 months, including the nine she has already spent behind bars. The remainder of her sentence, however, would be served at an in-patient mental health care facility, where she will be treated for PTSD, anxiety, and depression.

“There has been too much trauma here,” Friedman said. “A treatment sentence would meet the desires of the family, and we as counsel would be comfortable with it as well.”

The deal has yet to be finalized; it would give Bresha a shot at entering her adult life with a clean slate, legally speaking, since her record would be sealed and then expunged.

This news comes as her cases is set to go to trial on May 22.


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