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Hot 97’s DJ Funkmaster Flex has been speaking out a lot lately about the beef between deceased rappers Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac Shakur. In an emotional video the NYC radio personality declares that Biggie’s death is all Tupac’s fault.

“People want to ask me why I said it 20 years later,” he stressed.

“I said it when the f**king sh** was going on! And Biggie wouldn’t have f**king died if that n**ga hadn’t have lied! He lied! Y’all n**gas worship him.”

With tears in his eyes, he believes that no wants to co-sign on what he’s saying because they do not want to tarnish Tupac’s legacy. Flex also wasn’t afraid to take on Suge Knight saying that the volatile CEO of Death Row Records is behind the deaths of both rappers.

“If he wants to beat his artists up, pee on his artists — whatever — that’s his business,” he said. “All I’m saying is he was no tough guy in this f**king town!”

However Flex stressed that he still has love for Pac and his music.

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“I love everything that he did, it’s just the lying about Biggie, man! He lied, man, he lied. He lied — he never cleared it up, and then he died. And then Biggie died. And I ain’t trying to start no East Coast-West Coast thing.”

The popular DJ also had words for T.I. Apparently T.I. recently said on Instagram that Flex should have been talking about the beef when it was actually happening, not after their deaths.

“T.I., I was on the radio when that was happening, my brother,” he said. “’I’m on the radio breaking digital underground on BLS in 1990. T.I., you were 10 years old. So you weren’t aware of it. And I’m not knocking you, Bro, I know you’re speaking from the heart, too.”

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