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Rare footage of La La Anthony in her hotel suite, before leaving for the Met Gala, shows the Power star wringing out Carmelo Anthony’s pillow and creating her gown with his tears. Lemonade plays in the background while she gazes adoring at the jewels on her fingers, all but one is adorned with bling. Well played.

Days before the Met Gala, rumor broke that Carmelo had fathered a child outside his marriage. While that rumor has since been debunked, the former couple are reportedly separated. While neither La La or Carmelo have acknowledged the rumors, several outlets report divorce is imminent.

Perhaps our ears should have perked up when La La posted this unbothered photo as her #Mood.

Scroll down her timeline a bit and you’ll notice Carmelo hasn’t made an appearance since two photos prior. Also making its milk carton appearance: her ring.

Despite the turmoil in her private life, La La hasn’t strayed from the spotlight, in fact, she is using it as a lethal weapon to destroy her enemy and hasn’t missed a step in her stilettos. She just found a higher heel and demanded the ball and she’s not stopping at the free throw line, she’s dunking that b*tch. *Pun intended*

We’ve learned some valuable lessons from La La that shouldn’t go unnoticed. Take heed, you may need them in the future.

Lesson #1: Never Let Them See you Sweat

Does this look a woman on the possible brink of divorce?

Cry your eyes out in private and stunt in public.

Lesson #2: Show Him What He’s Missing

Carmelo will rue the day!

The recipe: drop ten pounds (stress weight counts), just in time for a press tour and:




Lesson #3: Make Him Suffer

Remember that time La La took Carmelo to Red Lobster? Well now she’s eating cheddar bay biscuits with her son during Lobsterfest. And that’s cool because Carmelo might never again experience what it’s like to be rewarded, by his wife, with seafood. Because cheating doesn’t only affect your partner, the entire family suffers, which also means Carmelo is missing out on precious family time. Hope it was worth it.

Lesson #4: Stay On Your Grind

In my Beyonce voice, “she works for the money from the start to the finish.” In the midst of separation rumors, La La attended a cocktail in NYC with journalist and her fellow Power cast. She obviously didn’t divulge any tea, but she didn’t stray away from the press either. And when she was asked about Carmelo, she handled it like a boss and kept it cute and talked about her upcoming birthday plans.

“June 25 is my birthday, so it is a perfect day for Power to premiere. I am going to have a ‘Power’ premiere party [with friends],” she told Page Six. She added, “Oh I know how to have fun. Don’t worry about that. That is something I know how to do.”

Carmelo is reportedly doing everything in his power to win La La back, but as we’ve seen on the court is game is a bit rusty. We don’t know how this love story will end, but we’re praying for all parties involved.



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