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A stunning 11-year-old girl from South Los Angeles is fighting back after being bullied for her darker skin.

According to, Kheris Rogers told the news channel that she know that her beauty is beyond what others say it is. “I know I’m pretty I’m not gonna let anyone tell me different,” she says.

However prior she felt differently.

“I just didn’t feel I was that pretty. I thought it was really ugly,  people telling me it was ugly.” 

Kheris added: “I felt like they were bullying me because of my skin color because I was darker.”

Taylor, the tween’s 22-year-old sister, told BuzzFeed News that she noticed the bullying when her younger sister was in elementary school and enrolled in a class with only four other Black girls.

“She started to notice she was different,” she said. “She would cry a lot, and talk about how she doesn’t like her skin tone.”

Kheris also told the publication that in the first grade when asked to use a crayon to color a picture of her she was handed a black crayon and refused it.

“I’m not that dark… I’m brown,” she replied.

A year later, her mother enrolled her in a more diverse school and while the bullied slowed down, it was still coming from other Black students, which surprised Kharis’ family. Then they decided to fight back by using Twitter to put her beauty on blast:

Kheris stressed that her Twitter account and the positive response to her pictures have helped her feel “feel more confident about” herself.

It’s situations like this one that show that disparaging comments about darker skinned Black women like Gilbert Arenas recently made have real consequences for all of us and show how these self-hating comments trickle down in our community.

We’re just glad that this beautiful young girl could find an outlet to be empowered and believe in herself and her glorious melanin.



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