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Nia Mya Reese is proving that age is just a number when it comes to living out your dreams. The eight-year-old has a top selling book on Amazon How To Deal With and Care For Your Annoying Little Brother.

According to CBS News, the second grader got the idea for her book when her first grade teacher asked the class to write a story about what they excel in. The Alabama-native focused her assignment on how she is a good sister to her “downright annoying” 5-year-old brother Ronald Michael.

“I will sometimes have to say no,” she told CBS.  “He will throw the ball and the ball will just goes flying everywhere. And it sometimes hits me.”

Seeing the potential in her daughter’s work, Reese’s mother Cherinita encouraged her to continue the project over the summer.

“Work on your sentences. Work on the spelling, work on the way that it’s worded,” Cherinita recalled. “And that will be your summer project.”

From there it didn’t take Nia very long to write her book, a few days to be exact she told CBS.

When asked what her her biggest takeaway was from the writing experience, Nia Mya said it has empowered her to shoot for the stars.

“I learned to follow my own dreams.”



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