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I picture Tyrese finger-combing through his large-enough-to-live-in closet, in search of the perfect ensemble, as he prepares to pontificate. He slows down somewhere between the soft cloth of his favorite traditional Middle Eastern headdress and yesterday’s white linen suit. He slips into a pair of loafers and mounts his digital soap box.

I bet he begins his speeches with, ‘I do declare’ and uses commands like ‘hear ye’, hear ye’ before addressing his audience. I just want to throw up in my mouth.

Tyrese went on a very Tyrese-y rant this morning, calling out the “type” of “ladies” who wear “fake clip ons,” “eye lash extensions,” “fake lips” and have surgically-pinched noses that make it hard to breath.

The catalyst for Tyrese’s tirade came from a group of “these” women who were complaining about the f*ck boys of the world.

Self-reflecting much? I can’t help but feel like it was an attack on Black women, who aren’t born looking like his wife.

To put this more in perspective, Tyrese recently married “the love of his life” Samantha Lee. Great. Congrats. Good for you, bro. But it wasn’t enough to simply announce the secret nuptials, Tyrese felt it necessary to add that she is his #blackqueen. Fans bombarded his comment section in response to what felt like a very forced declaration. According to another post, Samantha, “not that it matters,” is African-American, Ecuadorian and Jamaican. She is a beautiful biracial woman, who, by no force of her own, is the epitome of today’s beauty standard.

While Ty also praised his new wife’s accolades (she has a master’s degree in social work), it felt like he was qualifying his choice in a woman versus celebrating his love. Again. Cool. Whatever. It’s Tyrese we’re talking ’bout; he has a life-size transformer in his yard.

However, it becomes a problem when entertainers like Tyrese throw rocks at the mold they’ve helped create and perpetuate.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with Samantha Lee, but for God’s sake, not all women have long, silky, straight-from-the-scalp hair, long nails or lashes. Not all women slide out the womb with the “perfect” body shape or shade. And, despite popular belief, not all women wear enhancements to appease men. It’s simply unfair to invalidate a woman’s opinion based on her appearance.

Perhaps Tyrese was insinuating weaves, fake nails, lashes and enhanced rear-ends attract “stupid” men therefore women should just be natural to avoid the type of dudes who see such additions as desirable? But let’s not get it twisted. Tyrese isn’t making a noble attempt to protect women against n*ggas who prey on innocent-weave wearers.

I may be reaching here, but I believe Ty’s ears perked up because he heard the male species being disrespected and relevant keywords, which triggered subconscious feelings about the controversy surrounding his wife’s Blackness.

Let the court record also note, there is a silk string directly tied to Black men, who’ve placed certain physical traits on a pedestal, and the wheel which drives many women to plastic surgery. Only to have the same charioteers turn around and bash the women who try to look like her.

Furthermore, you are generalizing women while talking about women who generalize men.

Being that Tyrese is the official house rep for the F*ck Boy Nation, this doesn’t come as a surprise, I’m just more appalled that someone can be so credulous to believe their own bullshit. As much as I appreciate his talents, Tyrese gets on my damn nerves and I want to report his Instagram account for excessive mansplaining.


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