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Phaedra and Kenya have been quite buddy buddy lately, and tonight’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta opens with the twosome taking a road trip to Michigan. Their goal is to visit a kids’ camp and uplift the youth. Phaedra said she chose Kenya because she’s from Michigan. But the real question is, when exactly did they become besties to be doing a road trip like they’re Thelma and Louise?


Anyway, they talked to the children about living out their dreams, and did self-esteem building, yatta yatta. They also worked on their own relationship and officially decided to let bygones be bygones.

Porsha has a few moments this episode, and she proves her not dimwittedness again in this next situation. Basically, her boo, Todd, informs her that his high-power conservative job told him to make a choice. They aren’t feeling his affiliation with Porsha and that he’s so public about their relationship on social media, so he decided to choose Porsha over the job. Porsha played a big role in him deciding to leave, but he also doesn’t want to work somewhere he has to hide who he is. Once he informs Porsha of this, she goes off.

It’s a real record scratch moment because you’d think she’d think this is sweet, but y’all, she gets pissed instead.The man she said she wanted to explore a relationship with and PROCREATE with chose her over his job and she’s mad about it. She basically says that this shows that he doesn’t take anything seriously. WTF!?

Then again, Porsha’s intelligence…*loses signal.


Later on we get word that Porsha collapsed while at the nail salon and almost had a seizure (which you probably read online way before this episode aired). Turns out, she has been diagnosed with a condition where she doesn’t get enough blood flow to her brain. And there you have it, but we’re just gonna let that elephant in the room sit still.


Todd started spending more time with her in Atlanta and even came to check on her, and now all of a sudden she’s questioning him. She’s not feeling his no job situation (it’s not like he’s a bum, though, at least not from what we’ve seen) and has all these reservations. She basically starts a dumb argument with him. Then again…blood flow.


Phaedra, Sheree, Porsha, Cynthia, Kandi and Kenya get together for brunch/lunch/dinner/whatever. The conversation starts off lighthearted enough, with talk about going glamping. Then Kenya shifts the conversation to Phaedra telling her that Porsha wanted to tell the girls about her anger management. Cynthia and Kandi perk up because they’re concerned about her safety in the event of another trip and start asking her how it’s going, but she doesn’t want to talk about it. In fact Porsha gets pissed. Basically, Kenya poked the bear, as per usual.


Porsha doesn’t think this conversation is genuine and she does have a point, because if they really cared they could have reached out on a personal level. However, she doesn’t need to get as upset as she is. She continues snapping at the women and it even gets to the point where Kandi snaps right back at her for having too much base in her voice. They start going back and forth and Porsha finally de-escalates by storming out. Kenya thinks it’s a good idea for them to follow Porsha, so they do.

Porsha finally manages to leave without incident and the ladies stick behind talking about what transpired. Sheree calls Kenya out for bringing it up at the table, which was tacky, then they start going back and forth, trading insults.

Porsha returns after having getting a text from Phaedra and agreed to have dinner again, but she refuses to entertain Kenya or even sit at the table with her. It ends up being Phaedra, Porsha and Sheree enjoying their meal and lamenting Kenya’s ish starting ways. Porsha does call Phaedra out for telling Kenya whatever she said about her anger management situation. Phaedra denies it, but she is on camera saying this, but anyway. Porsha just tells Phaedra to be careful because we all know that Kenya is messy.


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