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President-elect Donald Trump will be sworn into office today, Friday, January 20th, 2017. In 2008, we were shouting ‘Yes we can!,’ with hope for the future bright and burning. Now, on the heels of a messy election, we are bringing into office a new kind of President, with ideals and priorities different from the historical moment in which we are exiting. Speaking with my family, friends, and colleagues, there is concern and doubt, yet, still hope. The children are our future and their voices echo what’s to come.

Here are the letters of young, black girls, wishing President Trump well in his new position in office, and voicing their concerns for an ever-changing America. Their honesty and purity will move you.


Meet Zoe. Age 7.

Zoe is a seven-year-old living in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Meet Lanayah. Age 10.

Lanayah is a Brooklyn-born 10-year-old who is working towards being President Of The United States in 2040.

Meet Alaysia. Age 15.

Alaysia is a 15-year-old sophomore living in New Jersey. While she was not able to vote in this election due to her age, she has an opinion and wants to share.

Meet Kairi. Age 6. 

Kairi is a six-year-old living in Little Rock, Arkansas. She loves to cheerlead and dance and is concerned about our President’s treatment towards all American citizens.

Meet Jazmin, age 14.

Jazmin doesn’t appreciate President Trump degrading women on their outward appearance (her words, not ours).

Meet Taliyah. Age 5.

Taliyah teaches President Trump how to be a good leader (great points, here).

Beauties, we are still accepting letters. Please e-mail a copy of your daughters’ letter to Send a clear photo of the letter, an optional photo of your child and ensure they include their age. In the subject line, place, “Letters To Trump.” We will update and share this throughout his Presidency.

While we may be in a trying time now, our children prove there is hope for the future.


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