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Singer/Songwriter FKA Twigs recently teamed with Nike in the most non-traditional way; sports are not involved and she had complete control over the creativity portion of the campaign. She is promoting their newest tights: Nike Woman Zonal Strength tights. 

The UK dancer shows off her dance skills in the athletic company’s Zonal strength tights, a concept which was created by Twigs herself. The video also stars the toned beauty in choreographed dance moves in which she’s joined by other dancers and athletes, such as track/field runner English Gardner, dancer Saskia Horton and Olympic Fencer Miles Chamley-Watson. Oh and not to mention, they were all hand-picked by Twigs herself!

The video features several awesome things, to include colorful landscapes and modern moves being performed by the athletic dancers. Twigs latest song, “Trust in Me” is also featured in the video, which again, was another aspect Twigs chose to have as part of the video. In fact, all the creative concepts featured were developed by the talented artist herself.

Will you be buying these new Nike tights? 


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