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Over the summer, Black girls around the world hollered “Yaaasss!” as stunning pictures of Nakyia’s wedding hit the Web. Everyone was immediately grabbed by the striking image of her and all of her bridesmaids rocking their natural hair.

But this wasn’t some fortuitous photo up. There’s a real couple behind the snaps, and Hello Beautiful caught up with the newlyweds to get their story.

The shots that captivated everyone were years in the making for Nakyia and her new hubby Javonte.

According to Nakyia, they met through friends of hers that were part of the Texas Southern University marching band with him. She would later become a majorette, so they’d wind up spending a bit more time together.

However Javonte remembers exactly where they first laid eyes on each other.

“We crossed paths on ‘The Yard’ at TSU through mutual friends,” Javonte said. “We were later in The Ocean of Soul Marching Band together.”

The pair started out as friends, but at some point they exchanged numbers. Before they knew it, they were on the phone all the time, getting to know each other and deepening their friendship. However, all that time on the phone didn’t become face time until Super Bowl Sunday 2012.

“When we did meet I asked him to join me at this place called Chachos. I was already there,” Nakyia recalls, bragging just a bit. “He came. The rest was history.”

Nakiya knew she had fallen in love when her man shared a very personal revelation during a family event.

“The deal was sealed for me when my parents renewed their vows in October 2012, it was their 25th wedding anniversary. At the reception he shared with me that he prayed and God showed him that I was meant for him,” Nakyia told Hello “He said he was here for me and he wanted to love me, take care of me, and be the best man he could be for me forever.

She continued, “That shocked my bones! I loved him already but oooh. Those words had me like, ‘This is it!’ And we made it!”

He heard God loud and clear! Just a few short years later, Javonte knew it was time to jump the broom and make a lifelong commitment. “I just knew. She had all of the qualities of a wife to me and I just knew she was the one,” he stated.

“Over the years, through everything, it just became evident we we’re for each other,” the bride added. “It was all there. Jay was mine!”

A little over four years after their first date, Nakyia and Javonte found themselves tying the knot in the Dominican Republic in a wedding that went viral, which they never expected. “I was just getting married. I never imagined all that happened,” said Nakyia.

Their gorgeous pics made a huge impact with naturalistas everywhere as Nakiya’s entire bridal party rocked their natural curls.

“I was initially shocked but then it registered with me the struggles a lot of women, especially of African descent, have with their hair,” Nakyia explained. “The same struggles I encountered. So just because I’m over the fears, the initial growing phase, the management ‘pains’ and whatever else, with wearing my natural hair, doesn’t mean everyone is.”

It wasn’t an intentional fashion statement for all of the ladies to wear their natura hair, but it just worked out that way. And Nakiya wouldn’t have had it any differently.

“The ‘natural look’ for my wedding was honestly us being us,” she said. “We’re all genuinely natural beauties and in my book that is PERFECT!”

Even more perfect than that was all of the love couple shared during the big day. Take a peek in the clip below!


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