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Reality TV is the gift that keeps on giving. With 2016 in our rear view mirrors, let’s reflect on all the moments that made us laugh, cringe, cry and curse.

Sky Verses Rah Ali

Sky and Rah Ali’s beef over eyelashes turned brutal when the ladies finally crossed paths in the weeks after their intense social media quarrel. Sky walked away from the situation feeling vindicated, especially after being deemed the winner of the brawl.

Memphitz Shows His True Colors On ‘Marriage Bootcamp”

Another celebrity couple bit the dust in 2016. Reality TV star Toya Wright and Memphitz called it quits, but not before they gave it one last try on “Marriage Boot Camp.” While they had happier moments on the show, Memphitz lost his temper, in one scene, adding fuel to K. Michelle’s past abuse allegations. The moment reignited the beef between K. Michelle and Toya.

Tiffany “New York” Pollard Gets Laura Govan Together

Tiffany “New York” Pollard will always be the HBIC and let it be known on TV One’s “The Next 15” when Laura Govan “joked” that there should be more light skin people in their production. Well New York wasn’t laughing and let Laura have it on the reunion special.

***Honorable Mention***

“Celebrity Big Brother” wasn’t technically on TV, but it gave us some of the best reality moments of all time.

“I’m Gonna Get You B*tch”

There is an unwritten “Basketball Wives” rule, do not come for Tami Roman.

Tension had been boiling between Tami and Duffy following a verbal altercation that left Tami feeling like Duffy had disrespected her daughter. Duffy popped off with the mouth and threatened to beat Tami’s a**. Another no-no. Well Duffy learned the hard way and found herself face to fist with Tami after a girls vacation gone wrong.

Are You Still Texting Other B*tches?

Blac Chyna is having the best year ever. From landing a reality TV show on E! with her on-again, off-again fiance Rob Kardashian to having his baby, the stripper-turned-entrepreneur rose the socialite ranks and earned the title of scammer of the year. Besides Joanne of course.

During a heated argument, Chyna challenged Rob over his trust issues and delivered the line heard round the net, “Are you still texting other b*tches?”

What You Gon’ Do?

We can always count on the “Real Housewives Of Atlanta” reunion special to provide one-liners and memorable quotes that will serve as gifs in our group chats for years to come. Season eight of RHOA welcomed newcomer Kim Fields to the cast while Sheree Whitfield made her highly anticipated return to the show, giving us our number one reality TV moment of 2016.

The longstanding beef between Kenya Moore and Kim Fields reached an all-time high. Hands were clapped and eyes were rolled. Kim, who had managed to keep her cool all season, had enough and challenged Kenya with the fierce mom line, “say something.”

But it wasn’t Kenya or Kim who left us screeching with joy. Sheree stepped in and stole the moment with one of the greatest adlibs of all time. “What ya gon’ do?”

Thank you Sheree. Thank you.


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